Three new, exciting slot games at Europa Casino UK

There are three new, exciting slot games being offered at Europa Casino UK, Wu Long, Fortune Hill and Angel or Devil. Each of these games offers very strong themes that pull you into their world while offering plenty of chances to win big jackpots as well. Each of these games offers powerful graphics and exciting game play that provides a welcome alternative to the many great games found at Europa Casino UK.

In fact, each of these games provides a welcome change of pace for those who are looking for new ways to win big while becoming immersed in a new world with beautifully rendered graphics and very strong themes. The different settings help to create a feeling of escapism while offering the best in terms of great game play.

New Slot Games

Incorporating the latest technology with superb game play and traditional chances of winning, these particular slot games help exploit one of the biggest advantages of online casinos, the immersive experience of playing games of chance with very strong themes. Each of these games takes a proven model that uses skill and persistence to increase the chances of winning while providing a format that is exciting to visit and be entertained.

Angel or Devil: This is an interesting slot game that gives you the choice of either being an Angel or Devil. Your choice will help dictate the type of game that is being played, so there are certain strategies that you can employ to increase your chances of winning. In addition, there is a unique slider where you can increase the volatility of the game itself and create even more chaos which in turn affects your chances of winning. The game provides plenty of extras, such as free spins, power-up cards and other bits that help you adjust your chances of winning. Certainly one of the more unusual slot games around, the ability to choose whether you are an “angel” or “devil” offers versatility and can actually help you in increasing your chances to win.

Fortune Hill: This particular game offers a fantasy setting which brings with it wonder game play with multiple chances of winning. There are plenty of unique features with this slot game, including the ability to win more money with Billy-Bob’s Money Cash Back Prize as well as a host of re-spins and other methods to extend your luck. Considering how imaginative the world that is created, it is very easy to get lost in the imaginative graphics, wondrous characters and beautiful colors that create such a strong theme. Still, the ability to win in different ways helps propel this particular slot game to new heights.

Wu Long: This particular slot game permeates with a strong Chinese theme that incorporates much of their imagery with a potent gaming system. The pacing is quite fast with more spins in a relatively shorter amount of time as compared to many other slot games. In fact, the pacing can be accelerated thanks to the “turbo” mode which allows for even faster play. The combination of fast pacing, quick thinking and different multipliers to increase your winning potential makes this one of the best new slot games available.

All three slot games offer excellent choices for those looking to shake up their gaming experience.

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